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Entry #10

Major changes in life...

2010-08-08 00:21:42 by Scipio243

Well, I'm just going to make a quick post. I don't do it often, so here it is, you get what you get, and then shut up... isn't that how it goes? xD

Anyway, considering no one is probably going to see this anyway, this is basically like a journal to myself more than anything. This strange... Newgrounds post journal consists of both good times and bad. Shows how I went from spending tons of time on Newgrounds, to hardly any.

Well, major changes in life. I've gone in and out from World of Warcraft, I'm just finishing up another session - I'm quitting again for a few months until the next expansion comes out. And even once that happens... I'll probably quit again soon enough.

School starts in just a couple weeks... Not too happy about that. But I'm starting Creative Writing, hope it goes well.

I've come to be really close with an absolutely amazing girl... she's changed how I look at life, my actions, school, church, everything. I dunno what I'd be doing right now without her. :P

Anywho... here's to another post from me, I'll probably get another up in another... 3-4 months. :D



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