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Major changes in life...

2010-08-08 00:21:42 by Scipio243

Well, I'm just going to make a quick post. I don't do it often, so here it is, you get what you get, and then shut up... isn't that how it goes? xD

Anyway, considering no one is probably going to see this anyway, this is basically like a journal to myself more than anything. This strange... Newgrounds post journal consists of both good times and bad. Shows how I went from spending tons of time on Newgrounds, to hardly any.

Well, major changes in life. I've gone in and out from World of Warcraft, I'm just finishing up another session - I'm quitting again for a few months until the next expansion comes out. And even once that happens... I'll probably quit again soon enough.

School starts in just a couple weeks... Not too happy about that. But I'm starting Creative Writing, hope it goes well.

I've come to be really close with an absolutely amazing girl... she's changed how I look at life, my actions, school, church, everything. I dunno what I'd be doing right now without her. :P

Anywho... here's to another post from me, I'll probably get another up in another... 3-4 months. :D


I'm Still here!! :P

2010-03-29 00:06:01 by Scipio243

Whether ANYONE knows me or not, I'm still here. My last post was in November of last year... so I think it's about damn time I made a new post here. :D

Main reason I haven't made a post: I don't have much to say... I haven't put up more drawings, 'cause I don't have any. I'm in High School now, almost done with my sophomore year. And school is beating the Hell out of me. I hate it... my parents are pissed about grades and a whole bunch of other stuff and everyone feels they need to be constantly reminding me that I am currently failing life. Go me! :\

But, other than that crap, life is okay. I still visit NG regularly and I'm keeping up with most of my old antics just as before. I continue sit on the Xbox and computer for hours at a time, and I still write as much as I can (Yea, I'm a wannabe-novelist! :P (

So... I guess that's my post. Better than going on with nothing from me for another 4 months, right? Yea, that's what I thought.

Until next time! (Whenever that may be!)

Slew of Art!!

2009-11-14 01:11:09 by Scipio243

Added a few new pictures to my art gallery thing. You don't have to recommend them, but reviews are always loved =D


School still sucks, work still sucks, life keeps rockin' and rollin'. Not much else to say.

I'm what you'd call on of them, optimisticals. You know, the ones that hardly exist anymore? Yea, one of those. :P

Just thought I'd leave a post :D


Regarding Flash..

2009-11-05 20:36:38 by Scipio243

I want to get Flash. However, I'd rather not pay the listed: $699 on the Flash website. But so many people have it... how? I'm quite positive that most people on Newgrounds didn't fully pay for it...

So, how, people? I need to know. Is it a school thing? If so, what class, discount/free? Etc...

Every time I ask people how they got it, they just say 'I know people.' Well... I DON'T know people... Help?


First Submission!

2009-10-27 23:56:13 by Scipio243

Yes. Finally a submission. It's only some basic art, but I needed to put something on here... I doubt I'll ever get any flash or audio on here, as I don't have the programs or the talent. So art will be okay..

If this makes it through and does well, I'll add more. If not... I'll probably add more anyway! Perseverance!

Anyways, please scout me out if you like it. If you don't like it, leave a comment why, and I'll try to improve!

Thank you to all who help! To those who don't... burn in Hell... Just kidding :D

Still on Newgrounds...

2009-09-02 23:40:05 by Scipio243

Well, I've been going through my first week and a half of high-school. And so far, it sucks. There's a ton more homework, and all of my teachers don't care at all whether or not we fail, so... that just makes it even harder. Plus, waking up at 5:40 every morning is NOT doing well for me... it's been terrible. Hopefully it'll get better soon. Not to mention in between all of this I have work after school and my parents are nagging me on about getting my Eagle scout before February (my b-day) or I can't get my driver's license... Ugh, can the zombie apocalypse start now? :D

All right, on a different note. Newgrounds is still awesome (Yay). Keeping me sane through all these hard times. But seriously, Newgrounds is amazing. I'm glad I'm here and a part of this.

I'm staying as active here as I can. I'm trying to work between school, work, friends, Newgrounds, WoW, and whatever else pops up. It's not easy...

So, to all who I review, congratz, I reviewed your stuff :D Lately I've been checking out some of the submissions that aren't quite so advertised on the front page or anything like that. Tell the truth, most of it's pretty good. So I usually review it.

Also, been making a lot of music and art reviews :D if you've got art you want me to check out or promote, message me! :D Art is quick and easy to check out, tell me to look at animations and music, it'll all depend on what mood I'm in.

So, cheers! Until next time.

-Scipio243 :}><{
P.S. 5 more days, and I've been on Newgrounds for 6 months! Hooray for a half-year of awesome!

NG Reviewers

2009-07-25 02:19:22 by Scipio243

Well, writing up another news post. Whether anyone sees it or not -_-

Today I'd like to bring up the subject of how much I hate most of the reviewers on Newgrounds.

Yes, it's true. Most of the people throwing up reviews on Newgrounds deserve to die. Some people (I try, at least) put in meaningful, helpful, and thoughtful reviews. I like these people. They show that they want to help the author of the creation and want to put in their thoughts on the subject.

However, most other people, put in one, maybe two words in their review. This pisses me off. When I want to read reviews, and I get the entire list of reviews saying the exact same thing over and over, (example: I lol'd.) I get mad. I like to read other people's reviews while I'm waiting for the animation/game/audio/art to finish loading.

What ALSO makes me mad, are the people who put in reviews that repeat lines or describe things from the submission. When reading the reviews, you see the spoiler, and it is then not quite so hilarious as it should be. Like I said, I read the reviews BEFORE viewing, and I'm sure many other people do as well.

So, all you half-hearted reviewers out there, start putting in effort, PLEASE. Show people that you aren't just a little kid that watched a video and decided to say 'lol' . Put in things that show that you actually have intellect. Humans are amazing because we can learn and communicate, but no one seems to care. If you submit a review, write WORDS. Do not say "Lol that vid was so funny. I rofl'd until i died then i decided to go eat because the vid maked me hungary." NO, a review like that is TERRIBLE. (Yes, I've seen some exactly like that) Take the time to type out your words. And for the sake of all that is holy, PLEASE take the time to at least learn where to put commas, learn to capitalize properly. The importance of these things are incredible. Examples below.

Oh, and put a double space in the review if you change subjects at all. Like so ---

--- see, it isn't hard to put in double spaces.

The importance of capitalization and commas:

I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse.

I helped my uncle jack off a horse. -_-

So there you have it. I'm done ranting (If I knew how to animate, I'd make my own Foamy video right now...) So, in short, put thought and care into your reviews, or don't review at all. Thank you.

--Scipio243-- :}><{

I'm a Loiterer...

2009-06-16 14:09:28 by Scipio243

I'm a loiterer here at Newgrounds. Yea, I haven't done a lot lately, mostly just sat around and watched stuff aimlessly. Sometimes I don't even watch anythings... I just leave the browser on.

Well, I'm going to bring that to a stop, NOW (Hopefully). I've been doing a lot more here the past... 2 days. I'm making a come-back! And now that Summer's here (it has been for a few weeks...) I'm out of school and ready to sit back and be REALLY lazy all day long.

Anyways, this is mostly just a post to say I'm still alive and with Newgrounds. I'm still here! And I'm not leaving. So, basically... I'm not entirely sure what else to say...

Oh well! :D I'mma go continue reviewing stuff while I wait for WoW to finish maintenance :\ I know, I'm a freaking NERD, :O I don't care.

See you all around! (If you see the smiley in your reviews, leave an author comment! =D Those always make me happy)

-Scipio243 :}><{ (<== That's a smiley... sorta.)

Over Two Months of NG...

2009-05-17 14:00:08 by Scipio243

Well, let's see. I've had a lot going on Newgrounds-wise over the past two months I've been here. I've made it to level 7 as of last night (WOOT I'm happy), I ranked up from citizen to Town watch in my blams and saves (That took FOREVER), I've done plenty of reviewing (I'm at about 80 reviews... I'm okay with that), and I've almost finished all my pictures for my profile and such (I know they kinda suck, I only have the Paint program to draw with... But I'll try to improve them as much as I can).

But Newgrounds is an awesome place for me to be. Hang out here everyday, rate some movies, have some laughs, play awesome games, download great music, and more. I love it here!

I've also been looking into flash... I've got some pretty cool ideas of what I could make... but I just don't really know if I can really afford the programs at the moment... :D

But anyways, just thought I'd stop by, drop an update, and say how much I love this website. Cheers to Tom Fulp and the rest of the team. As for me... I'm still continuing on with reviewing and just hanging around. If I ever get a flash program, I hope to make great things...

See you all around!
-Scipio243 (That's ME!)

Hellooooo Newgrounds!

2009-04-19 21:50:37 by Scipio243

What's up Newgrounds. The name's Scipio243 (Obviously...)

I'm on about my second week here at NG, so I though I'd start my first post on my profile...

Main things I'm doing around NG are rating submissions, audio, video, games, whatever. I'll rate it up for you. Some things I'll review, but not quite everything...

Other than that, I'm just watching your movies, playing your games, listening to your music, and having a great time.

Sorry, but I'll probably never submit anything. I'm not much of an artist, and I've tried making music before... it either doesn't sound good when I'm finished, or the process is just far too boring for me to finish a song.

So I hope you don't mind, but I'm just going to sit back, and critique. : D No problem there, right?

I'll see you all around, and I hope to review as many submissions around the portals as possible!